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HP Slate 8 Pro Tablet: Three Videos

HP Slate8 Pro hands-on: this iPad Mini competitor means business

It will likely come with 16GB of internal storage — HP hasn’t released the full specs yet — and does have 1GB of RAM.

I hope someone at HP comes to their senses and increases that to 2GBs of RAM before they ramp up the production lines.

It looks so good on video. After the break, three.

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R.I.P. Dr. Candace Pert

Candace Pert, 67, Explorer of the Brain, Dies

Dr. Pert was working at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the 1970s when a team she was on found one of the most sought-after objects in brain research: the receptor in the brain that opiates like morphine fit into, like a key in a lock, allowing the drug’s effects to work.

The discovery of the opioid receptor would, in 1978, earn the coveted Albert Lasker Award, often a precursor to the Nobel Prize. The award went to Solomon H. Snyder, who headed the lab. Neither Dr. Pert nor any of the other lab assistants was cited.

Such omissions are common in the world of science; the graduate student in the lab rarely gets credit beyond being the first name on the papers describing the research. But Dr. Pert did something unusual: she protested, sending a letter to the head of the foundation that awards the prize, saying she had “played a key role in initiating the research and following it up” and was “angry and upset to be excluded.”

Her letter caused a sensation in the field. Some saw her exclusion as an example of the burdens and barriers women face in science careers.

In a 1979 article about Dr. Pert in the The Washington Post, Dr. Snyder, who had lauded Dr. Pert’s contributions in his Lasker acceptance speech, argued that “that’s the way the game is played,” adding that today’s graduate students will be tomorrow’s lab chiefs, and that “when they have students, it will be the same.”

I heard of her story back then and I was glad she stood up for herself.

Just because something is a tradition doesn’t make it right.

A brilliant woman who is gone too soon.

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HP’s Slate 8 Pro Tablet


Leave it up to HP to screw up another tablet introduction.

Even on their own hype site, there’s no word of what the RAM or storage is for that tablet! This is basic information that should be out there on day one! A price range would be nice too. And, oh yeah, a sales date other than “November.”

Hasn’t any company learned how to do it like Apple? Bueller? Bueller?

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My Twitter Account Has Been Bombed Again


It looks like about two thousand new “Followers” have been added overnight. Update, Friday October 4, 2013: I must have been having a bad day when I posted this. The number is actually a decrease since my first post.

Follower bombing has happened to the Popehat Twitter too: Spam Attack Immediately Follows Post on Brett Kimberlin

When the hell is the tech press going to pick this up?

Previously here:

Twitter Has A New Problem: Follower Bombing

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Tomato T2 Tablet Evaluation

IMP3Net has an evaluation of the Tomato T2 tablet [Google English].

The submission byline credits “anonymous.” Take that as you will.

I’m taking it as disguised vendor hype. Because, look, it’s Photoshop:


If that’s a real screen then Kraft Processed Cheese Food is cheese.

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I Love The Smell Of Chinese Revisionism In The Morning

It smells like … Cover Your Ass.

When ZOL ran its evaluation of the Ramos K1 tablet, this was their lead image:


I trimmed off their headline to use it. Stupidly, I did not save the original image.

ZOL has since updated their evaluation — there’s a chart about the screen size and ppi as well as more details about battery life (over seven hours of endurance playing MP4 video) — but the biggest change is their lead image.

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