HP Slate 8 Pro Tablet: Three Videos

HP Slate8 Pro hands-on: this iPad Mini competitor means business

It will likely come with 16GB of internal storage — HP hasn’t released the full specs yet — and does have 1GB of RAM.

I hope someone at HP comes to their senses and increases that to 2GBs of RAM before they ramp up the production lines.

It looks so good on video. After the break, three.

This video shows all the new tablets, with the Slate 8 Pro coming in at about 4:30:

I really like what I see. I just want it to have 2GBs of RAM. Why do some tablet makers still screw us with just 1GB?

Previously here:

HP’s Slate 8 Pro Tablet


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5 responses to “HP Slate 8 Pro Tablet: Three Videos

  1. TheRealCBONE

    Tegra4 supports 4GB of RAM. Makes no sense to cheap out on that when it could be a differentiator. Just needs an easy root and a realistic price.

  2. yeahman45

    this tab looks nice but 1gb ram? Hp can’t seem to get everything right on each of its android tablet

    • mikecane

      I’m hoping they come to their senses before the production run and make it 2GBs of RAM. I am yelling at them every day about it on Twitter. It makes no sense for something called Pro to have just 1GBs of RAM. There are phones coming out that will have 3GBs of RAM.

  3. Thomas

    I am about to open a twitter account to join you in the rant. It seems like tablets would be more beneficial to the additional ram.
    Off topic, but, do you have any more info on the ultra stick tablets, that thing just sounds cool.

    • mikecane

      3G tablets aren’t really my thing. UltraStick is brand new and it will be up to each tablet maker to adopt it. The only tablet maker I’ve covered using it is the Tomato T2. I don’t know if UltraStick will be adopted outside of China. Few people in America, for example, have heard of Miracast — and most still don’t know of it despite Google popularizing the idea with its Chromecast stick.

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