I Love The Smell Of Chinese Revisionism In The Morning

It smells like … Cover Your Ass.

When ZOL ran its evaluation of the Ramos K1 tablet, this was their lead image:


I trimmed off their headline to use it. Stupidly, I did not save the original image.

ZOL has since updated their evaluation — there’s a chart about the screen size and ppi as well as more details about battery life (over seven hours of endurance playing MP4 video) — but the biggest change is their lead image.

It’s now this:


And the photo with the HTC One is nowhere to be found.

Obi-wan Kenobi handwave: “You never saw an HTC One at ZOL. The HTC One does not exist. This is not the design influence you are looking for.”

But people did see it:


And Obi-wan cannot erase the skepticism over that new A31s AnTuTu score:


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