Chinese CPU Maker Actions Caught In AnTuTu Score Fraud

There’s been a raging battle the past few weeks in a Chinese forum accusing CPU maker Actions of modifying its platform version of Android to fraudulently report its AnTuTu score.

Today those multiple forum threads reached the level of news with a post at 1Pad. At post time, Google Translate would not render the page into English, so here’s the original Chinese.

I’m not surprised. Early on word leaked out that the Actions-based HKC Q79 tablet could not run the latest version of AnTuTu and provide a score. Some users reported success with an older version, but the scores were still suspect.

Forum astroturfers on behalf of Actions and tablet maker HKC were reporting a score in the 12,000-range, putting on par with the Allwinner A31s CPU. The truth is that the ATM7029 is a rather weak chip according to AnTuTu, with an honest range being somewhere in the 6,000s to 9,000s.

And since so many people base their buying decisions of an AnTuTu score, Actions wouldn’t let themselves — and their tablet partners — lose all those sales. So they engaged in fraud. And now their fraud has been revealed with their upcoming ATM7021 CPU.

On September 25th, Actions will be holding a press conference to announce new CPUs, one of which is the ATM7021 [Google Translate].

It will be interesting to see if any tech sites in China have the guts to call them on their AnTuTu score fraud.

And next up, we await word on how the Allwinner A31s CPU managed to go from an AnTuTu 3.x score in the 11,000 range to one in the 20,000-range with AnTuTu 4.0.


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4 responses to “Chinese CPU Maker Actions Caught In AnTuTu Score Fraud

  1. WHo makes Antutu anyways? Qualcomm, Nvidia, Apple, everyone tweaks and cheats with benchmarks and has been doing that for decades, don’t trust any benchmark, especially not when trying to compare competing processors, different architectures, different GPUs, different implementations on different software, it just makes no sense and it does not prove how devices are to use in reality.

    • mikecane

      Well that’s why I think someone needs to come up with real-world tests, buy one of each CPU of tablet (ATM7029, A31s, RK3188, Atom), and then video them doing the same tasks to show if the user experience is basically the same — or not. But I’m not willing to buy all those tablets.

  2. jim

    Just bought a Mixc 316 4.3″ android 4.4 on Aliexpress the sellers all had a factory provided Antutu benchmark of 27500. I tested it as soon as I got it on benchmark x got 10500. Went on line and got antutu 3.11 thinking a older version was used to test the phone got 7935. This is not 30 or 40% but 150-200 % . Until I see proof this scam is stopping I will just get by with the phones I have. Ps this micx is a decent phone as good as the Hauwei honor 3c. No reason to cheat but the 27500 score was the only reason I bought it.

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