Chuwi Moves To USB Charging

It’s not until Chinese buyers get tablets in their hands that some things are revealed [Google English].

Such as Chuwi moving to USB charging with its new V88HD model. This is what’s in the package:


A rather short USB-to-AC port cable.

Although that solves Chuwi’s ongoing problem with its AC adapter, it leaves users scrambling to find the right USB charger.

This model also lacks HDMI-out. And word in forums is that the screen is not IPS. It’s a TN screen.

Something seems off about this screen, so it’s highly likely to be TN and not IPS:


And under AnTuTu 4.0, the Rockchip 3188 now seems to score in the 19,000-range. But with AnTuTu score fraud now virtually institutionalized by Chinese CPU makers, I have my doubts.

At any rate, this tablet has just 1GB of RAM. The lack of HDMI out and the questionable should keep it off the buying list of anyone outside of China.


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4 responses to “Chuwi Moves To USB Charging

  1. from what I read people with Chuwi V88S can reach with latest firmware from beginning of September score 19k, which I can believe it’s truth since people said it’s much more smooth and snappier experience with this firmware while I can have with original one 18200, so no problem to believe RK3188 is able to reach 19k

    • mikecane

      With the change to AnTuTu 4.0, all scores have been adjusted, so I can believe even 20,000-range for the RK3188 now. But for the A31s? I remain unconvinced.

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