Teclast P89 Mini Disassembled

Well, it’s disassembled as much as Teclast wants you to see, in this advertorial post [Google English].


Since this tablet doesn’t display full color depth, this will be my final post about it.

Same-day update: I hit Publish prematurely. I should have realized these things usually happen in pairs. PadHz has a post with additional photos [Google English].

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5 responses to “Teclast P89 Mini Disassembled

  1. zzooh

    Do you know how to root the p89 mini ?
    Any method doesn’t work..

    • mikecane

      It’s an Intel Atom CPU. There is no known root method out for it yet. We’ll probably have to wait for the Atom-based Android tablets from Dell to be out for XDA Developers to work on root.

  2. javivalle1977

    hello, you know of any alternative rom, or it is too early?
    some forum where they talk about it?
    I have it and doing very well but some problems, such as sync with google contacts not let me install the apk.

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