Tomato T1 Tablet Gets A Real Review

Well, as real as IMP3Net wanted it to be [Google English]. At least this time there aren’t any Photoshopped screens.

The Tomato T1 is a 3G-enabled iPad Mini clone using a 1.2Ghz MediaTek 8389 CPU with 1GB of RAM.

Its distinguishing characteristics are a removable top back panel, some UI customizing options, and just 8GBs of internal storage.


It has optional custom-designed widgets:


The AnTuTu 4.0 spec screen:


The AnTuTu 4.0 score:


That’s not surprising for a MediaTek CPU. Its specialty is enabling 3G, not raw horsepower.

The NenaMark2 score:


Just 39.7, which is rather low. But again, this tablet is mainly for those who need 3G.

And a sample photo from the rear 5MP camera:

Click = ginormous [December 22 2105 update: Photo reduced to 800 px wide]

Which is about typical for an iPad Mini clone camera. It doesn’t seem to be any worse than the one in the Chuwi V88.

A screen color depth test was not done in the review.

As I continue to wind down my coverage of iPad Mini clones here, this will be my final post about the Tomato T1 tablet.

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One response to “Tomato T1 Tablet Gets A Real Review

  1. anders

    Well. We had cube talk79 (u55gt) since the beginning of the summer. This I would say is about the same. It’s time to step up the ipad mini clone game a notch.


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