1911: Surface Japan

A gorgeous book available free (download the PDF) at Google Books.

Update: For those outside of the U.S., I’ve uploaded it to my Google Docs for downloading.



And it includes color photos:




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9 responses to “1911: Surface Japan

  1. Hi Mike – interesting. When I click through to Google books, it says it is not available as an eBook. Is there a link to the PDF you can share? (I wonder if it is because I am _in_ Japan, something legal…)

  2. Nice find. I had seen Seitz mentioned (I think by Fairbanks, but not sure) and looked for the book unsuccessfully about 20 years ago. Downloaded and in my TBR list!

  3. Thanks. As you suspected, I could not get it directly from Google. I had to download via your Google Doc.

    Why is the pdf so slow?

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