Confirmed: Chuwi V88HD Screen Is Not IPS

Calling a tablet HD while downgrading the screen is an act of chutzpah that’s breathtaking. Unless “HD” secretly means “Hinky Display.”

In a forum post that looks like it might be from an actual buyer [Google English], the screen of the Chuwi V88HD is shown from several angles and this admission is given:

V88HD price biggest reason is that this screen is not ips

To hit the 599-local selling price, Chuwi got rid of HDMI-out, downgraded the screen, and jettisoned the AC adapter by switching to USB charging.

Look at how the color shifts:





That’s just brutal.

This will be my last post about the Chuwi V88HD as I continue to wind down my coverage of iPad Mini clones.

Previously here:

Chuwi Moves To USB Charging
New Chuwi V88HD Has No HD


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