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Sony Abandons The Country That Made The Sony Reader Possible

Confirmed: The Sony PRS-T3 Won’t Be Released in the United States

Originally a flop in Japan as the Librie, it was the American Sony division that resurrected the device as the Sony Reader.

The Librie was also the device that inspired Jeff Bezos to create the Kindle.

While Sony bounced from incompetency to incompetency with its Reader, Amazon went from strength to strength with its Kindle.

And so here we are.

I’m not even going to bother to post all the related links from this and my other blogs. I’ve ignored the Reader for quite some time, so just let it rest in peace.


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Ramos K1 Tablet Unboxed

It still hasn’t been shipped yet, but PadHz has an unboxing of one without the final ROM [Google English].


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