Ramos K1 Tablet Unboxed

It still hasn’t been shipped yet, but PadHz has an unboxing of one without the final ROM [Google English].


If you’ve looked at that picture and said, “Wait. That’s not a K1. That’s a K2,” welcome to the club.

When the K1 and K2 were introduced, each had distinct coloring — respectively, silver and black.

But what’s in the above picture is now called a K1 “Black Edition.”

So much for being able to tell the K1 and K2 apart from a distance.

Next-day update: No one has their hands on this tablet yet. The above post is part of an advertorial blitz by Ramos now also at 1Pad, IMP3Net, and ZOL.

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2 responses to “Ramos K1 Tablet Unboxed

  1. E.T.

    BuyinCoins claim to have the K1 in stock ($169)

    • mikecane

      Sellers often claim to have things in stock weeks before they actually do. Another reason why I won’t allow seller links here. They’ve started listing the K1, but that’s clearly pre-sale because Ramos itself says it’s still a few weeks off.

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