Allwinner Octa CPU + Onda


1Pad reports that Allwinner will release an Octa-core CPU based on Samsung’s design and that Onda will be the first tablet maker to use it [Google English].

Guessing, I’d expect that CPU to wind up in something other than an Onda iPad Mini clone. At any rate, this won’t be available until November or December.



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3 responses to “Allwinner Octa CPU + Onda

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  2. yeahman45

    what GPU does it use? can’t wait for Rockchip’s response.. i hope they put a much better GPU for their next generation

    • mikecane

      AFAIK, no word on that yet. This isn’t even an official Allwinner announcement. A permitted leak because there’s a huge war happening over CPUs in China right now, with MediaTek trying to get all the business.

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