AnTuTu X: Re-Score Everything!

To Against Cheating Benchmark AnTuTu Release AnTuTu X Benchmark

I ratted out to AnTuTu Labs several detailed forum posts about how their benchmark was being subverted by cheating over in China. It seems they’ve now created AnTuTu X to thwart those, and other, methods.

From now on, don’t trust any benchmarks unless they’ve been done with AnTuTu X.

Their post is worth a read to see just how their benchmark was being abused for the commercial gain of manufacturers.

Important: If you have a tablet with the Allwinner A31s CPU, please download and run AnTuTu X. Leave the score in Comments — even better, if you can provide a link to a screensnap too, that would be more helpful.

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2 responses to “AnTuTu X: Re-Score Everything!

  1. edi

    Onda V973
    – AnTuTu 4.x: 19977
    – AnTuTu X: 11753

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