First Video Of Ramos K1 Tablet


As usual, a seller has posted the first video of a new tablet.

This time it’s the new Ramos K1 tablet. It has HTC One-like styling and the twin heartbreak of an Allwinner A31s CPU combined with just 1GB of RAM.

See the video and more after the break.

A real AnTuTu score:


12,000-range, as expected for the Allwinner A31s.

So what the hell were Allwinner and Ramos trying to get away with, claiming the AnTuTu was in 19,000-range?

NenaMark2 score:


I hate the “Black Edition.” Whatever happened to the original silver design? Did HTC’s lawyers start yelling at Ramos, so they dropped it?

Now, the video:

Same-day update: K1 doing micro-HDMI-out:

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One response to “First Video Of Ramos K1 Tablet

  1. mid

    I bought a Nexus 10 to play a bit with it and I have to admit that the build quality difference is pretty huge compared to Chinese. While 16:10 is actually pretty close to 4:3, 10.1” is still a little to large/heavy for my taste :(,1-inch-16×10-vs-9,7-inch-4×3

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