Video: OMA’s ROM For Chuwi V88

OMA has probably single-handedly kept interest and sales of the Chuwi V88 alive through his massive work on his ROMs.

After the break, a demonstration of flashing his ROM and using it on a Chuwi V88.

Some people have reported success using this ROM with the Vido Mini One.

See the long thread at XDA Developers that begins here.



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2 responses to “Video: OMA’s ROM For Chuwi V88

  1. M. Smith

    FYI. Oma’s final version of this ROM is v5.3a. Unfortunately, OMA’s v88 crashed and burned so he will not be developing for this tablet any longer. His Herculean output of ROMs between May ’13 to Dec. ’13 was the stuff of legends….


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