Vido’s New M8 iPad Mini Clone


An advertorial post at IMP3Net [Google English] pimps the new Vido M8 iPad Mini clone tablet and over at 1Pad they’re all “WTF? Haven’t we seen this before?” [Google English].

But 1Pad seems to be mistaken, probably based on an erroneous vendor listing. The new M8 uses a MediaTek 8377 CPU, not a Rockchip 3188. Also, it has just 1GB of RAM, a 4,000 mAh battery and I don’t see any mention of HDMI-out. They’re claiming an AnTuTu score in the 19,000-range. Harumph.

Update Sunday October 6, 2013: It turns out IMP3Net was wrong. This seems to be basically the Vido Mini One with just 1GB of RAM under a new M8 designation [Google English]

I won’t be covering this tablet further, as I continue to wind down my posts about Chinese iPad Mini clones here.


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2 responses to “Vido’s New M8 iPad Mini Clone

  1. yeahman45

    [seller URL redacted]

    does not seems to be an RK3188. don’t know what CPU it is using

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