Second Video Of Ramos K1 Tablet


This is from another seller. And again it’s the “Black Edition” of the K1 (ugh).

This time the video is from Russia. The narration is Russian but the video is still worth seeing.

Unfortunately, she winds up posting the fraudulent AnTuTu score:


Towards the end of the video, the AnTuTu screens are full-screen and can be seen clearly as being in the 20,000-range. The actual score is in the 12,000-range.

Points of interest:

1) Those speakers sound damn good for any tablet.

2) She doesn’t realize she still has the shipping protector over the front screen.

3) She does a PDF test from a USB stick but flies through it too quickly. It’s a conventional PDF, using Adobe Reader X, so it’s no real test of strength for Google Books PDFs.

3) The photos and video shot from her window are through a screen. Look in the upper left corner when the video is full-screen and you can see the pattern of the window screen. That also makes the video shot softer than it rightly should be.

4) The camera is better than I expected. Ramos is claiming they’re using a camera sourced from Samsung, but Samsung also has crappy cameras (see the Galaxy Note 8.0!).

5) She’s as much of a spazz with Grand Theft Auto as I would be (which is why I don’t play games).

Now the video:

I still have a vestigial lust for this tablet, solely based on its design, when it’s in the original “Let’s rip off the HTC One” silver.

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  1. paradon

    Fantastic tablet. I’m waiting for write version & waiting 1 month for first lot past.

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