Seven Bleeping Years

I got this Notification today from WordPress:


I wouldn’t have otherwise known. I don’t mark the date.

This was my first post.

Yes, lots of bile has flowed in those years.

I can’t say I’m happy with … oh, ninety-nine percent of it.

But still.

It continues.


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7 responses to “Seven Bleeping Years

  1. Ric Day

    Nice. The seven year itch, to rant. You do it well, so here’s to the next seven!

  2. “This initial post was done via the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. And then I edited it on a Mac mini at an Apple Store, because WordPress doesn’t play nice with the 770. At least not yet.”


  3. nnnnoooooooooooo! I like reading your stuff (well, not the reviews of hardware/software, but everything else….) This is your punishment for being intelligent and interesting….


  4. Keishon

    Seven years and eight blogs according to your sidebar. I am surprised you’ve kept this one for so long.

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