Dell: Android, Windows 8.1 Tablets

On September 13th, I noted in a post about the Lenovo Miix 8:

In the video he mentions that Intel can supply that to any company to do either Windows or Android. So Intel is going to be just like Allwinner and Rockchip, provide a solution brand names can build on.

And today that came to pass, as Dell announced Atom-based tablets running Android and Windows.

And that’s all I find interesting about them. They’re not 4:3 and the screens are just 1280 x 800.

Steven Troughton-Smith defends that resolution for Windows:

It looks brutal at eight inches:


Before everyone goes all drooling over the Dell Venue 8 Pro, don’t forget there’s still the Lenovo Miix 8 to come. I now expect that to be 1280 x 800 too. And unlike the Dell Venue 8 Pro, it has its Windows button on the front.

Here are two CNet videos, the first about the Android-based Venue tablets:

The second about the Windows-based Venue 8 Pro:

And here’s Steve “Chippy” Paine of UMPC Portal, who saw the Venue 8 Pro several weeks ago at the Intel Developers Conference:

The only surprising thing about the Venue 8 Pro is its price: US$299. That’s lower than an iPad Mini — and it has more RAM and a microSD card slot.

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One response to “Dell: Android, Windows 8.1 Tablets

  1. mid

    I don’t understand why 1280×800 isn’t enough for a 8” tablet? That’s around ~190ppi density. Higher resolution just increases device cost and requires more battery juice.

    To me screen quality is much more important that how many pixels are crammed into a square inch.

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