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My Twitter Account Has Been Unbombed


This morning I still had over 16,000 Followers, of which over 10,000 were spammers.


Some time this afternoon Twitter eliminated them.

Thank you!

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Agent Andrew Wylie Shits On Readers And Writers

With his “carefully crossed ankles” — deliberate, I’m sure, because his ass is still hurting from the buttfuck Random House gave him — snob agent Andrew Wylie frankly tells the world what he thinks of Kindle users and genre writers in an interview in The New Republic.

Kindle owners are “fools”:

I think we’d be fine if publishers just withdrew their product [from Amazon], frankly. If the terms are unsatisfactory, why continue to do business? You think you’re going to lose thirty percent of your business? Well, that’s OK, because you would have a thirty percent higher margin for seventy percent of your business. You have fewer fools reading your books and you get paid more by those who do. What’s wrong with that?

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Bizarre Rumor Of The Day: Samsung Mini-Tablet

PCPop goes a bit mad, speculating that a leaked listing for a new 5.25-inch Samsung device might be for a mini-tablet in its Galaxy Note line of products [Google English].

An editor steps in at the end to calm everyone down by suggesting Samsung is probably filling a screen size gap in its line of phones.

At one time, Samsung did offer mini tablets in a line called the Galaxy Player. In 2011, I fondled their Galaxy Player 5.0. And just last year they announced a weird Galaxy Player 5.8 that never escaped from South Korea.

No one competes with the iPod Touch. It has the market to itself. Samsung never introduced a Galaxy Player with a high-resolution screen and I doubt this leaked listing is for such a beast.


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MediaTek Plans 64-Bit CPU

There are two reports out of China [Google English and Google English] that MediaTek plans to do a 64-bit CPU based on the ARM Cortex A-50 series, the A53 and A57.

I wouldn’t expect anything until 2014. But what makes this interesting is that MediaTek has been gaining some ground in the iPad Mini clone market as it has the only chipset that includes 3G capability. How long that edge will last in the face of Huawei’s UltraStick initiative — which lets 3G be added to any tablet with any CPU via a slot — remains to be seen.

It’s clear, however, that with a 64-bit CPU in the latest iPhone, everyone else in the technology industry is still playing catch-up with Apple.

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