Bizarre Rumor Of The Day: Samsung Mini-Tablet

PCPop goes a bit mad, speculating that a leaked listing for a new 5.25-inch Samsung device might be for a mini-tablet in its Galaxy Note line of products [Google English].

An editor steps in at the end to calm everyone down by suggesting Samsung is probably filling a screen size gap in its line of phones.

At one time, Samsung did offer mini tablets in a line called the Galaxy Player. In 2011, I fondled their Galaxy Player 5.0. And just last year they announced a weird Galaxy Player 5.8 that never escaped from South Korea.

No one competes with the iPod Touch. It has the market to itself. Samsung never introduced a Galaxy Player with a high-resolution screen and I doubt this leaked listing is for such a beast.


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5 responses to “Bizarre Rumor Of The Day: Samsung Mini-Tablet

  1. Ric Day

    Yeah, that is bizarre. I spent a while parked in a hospital emergency waiting room yesterday, waiting to see a slightly overworked doctor. Guy sitting next to me had a large screen Galaxy and was playing Solitaire and then some other board games on it, in landscape mode. He was about my size (few inches over 6 feet) with similarly large hands. He had to use both thumbs to tap items on the screen, balancing the device on his knee, as the screen was too big for one-thumb play.

    I asked if the both hands thing bothered him and he said, yes, it was both annoying and the cause of a number of drops – showing me the dinged corners of the device.

    The device was also laggy compared to an iPod or iPhone, and the screen was not great. First time I had really paid attention to one, and I came away from it convinced I would not buy one and, as you say, the IPod Touch just owns that segment.

    • mikecane

      There was a plausible answer on Twitter why no one goes up against the iPod Touch. But I’ve forgotten it. It was a good reason, though. Still, I’d like to see an Android competitor.

  2. I love my 5 inch Samsung Galaxy Player, despite it being long in the tooth. So I am hoping this rumor is true.

    • mikecane

      I’d like to see an Android-based iPod Touch competitor from Samsung, or LG, or someone. But not Archos. Archos had one a while back. Not stylish, very thick.

      • I considered buying an IPOD Touch 5th generation despite owning lots of apps in the Google Play store. However, the lack of GPS changed my mind.

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