Ramos K1 Gets A Botched Review


PCPop gets so much wrong here it’s amazing that it got past any editor [Google English].

It begins with the title, which says the color of the K1 is white. It’s not. This is the Black Edition.

They mislabel a microUSB port at the bottom of the K1 as a TF Card (microSD) slot…


… giving the tablet two such slots! The actual slot is on the side of the tablet.

Their mention of the 1024 x 768 IPS screen says it uses “10-bit technology.” What? What does that even mean? They don’t do any color depth test, so we don’t know if Ramos cut corners with a 16-bit color screen (as other tablet makers have been revealed as doing).

Then partway through the second page of the review, we get a bizarre insertion of a review of the Retina-class Onda V975 tablet!

Click = big

And clicking through on the picture shows that the images following that paragraph have absolutely nothing to do with the Ramos K1:

Click = big

Then, a real WTF is their publication of a fraudulent AnTuTu 4.0 score:


What world do they live in that they’ve not heard of AnTuTu X and its anti-fraud capability? How can they publish a 4.0 score and expect to be credible?

For the record, the Allwinner A31s CPU in the Ramos K1 has a legitimate AnTuTu X score in the 12,000-range.



Five-point multitouch:


Some people might find that disappointing. I have no opinion about it.

There’s no mention of a headphone test — which is something that should be a standard feature of all reviews.

There’s no video of the tablet in action. They didn’t even bother to root it to install the FPS meter to verify the frame rate of games, instead blanketly-praising game play as if no one had ever before read any reviews of tablets based on the A31s CPU!

And this tablet has just 1GB of RAM. Why didn’t they encounter any force-closing of browser tabs that other A31s/1GB tablets have experienced?

This is an incredible sloppy bit of work. This review is actually worthless.

Next-day update:


That’s the only correction PCPop has made to the review. Every other thing I pointed out — including, incredibly, the Onda V975 review text insertion — remains.

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