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LG G Pad 8.3 Gets Unboxed

Ah! The first of the new crop of tablets actually gets into someone’s hands!


See snaps and the video after the break.

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Ramos K1 Gets A Review


IMP3Net reviews the Black Edition [Google English].

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Pipo U8T: Rockchip 3188 With 3G

Even though I’m not covering iPad Mini clones any longer — aside from open slots for the Ramos K1 and Tomato T2 — there’s been interest from readers in 3G-enabled clones.

Until today, that meant having to settle for a tablet with a MediaTek CPU — which has an AnTuTu score in the 12,000-range, putting it on par with the Allwinner A31s. In other words, second-best performance.

No longer. In two advertorial posts [Google English and Google English], Pipo has announced the new U8T iPad Mini clone. This is the first tablet to combine the powerful Rockchip 3188 — which can score as high as the 20,000-range in AnTuTu — with 3G.


If there’s interest in the Comments, I’ll keep post slots open for reviews of this tablet. Otherwise, click through to the posts for the specs and more photos and this will be my only post about it.


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