Ramos K1 Gets A Review


IMP3Net reviews the Black Edition [Google English].

Interestingly, the reviewer has come to change his mind somewhat about the Allwinner A31s CPU, stating that with the K1 system optimization makes it a smoother experience.

However, after saying that they publish a fraudulent AnTuTu 4.0 score:


Again: How the hell can they not know about AnTuTu X? It’s already been established by users in their own forum that the 20,000-range AnTuTu score of the A31s CPU is fraudulent and the actual score is in the 12,000-range.

AnTuTu 4.0 spec screen:


No color depth test of the screen is done. Headphones are not tried. They don’t root the tablet to install an FPS meter to provide evidence of UI or game frame rates.

They do try the camera — which Ramos makes a point to mention is sourced from Samsung — and here are the three sample photos at the published size (click to enlarge);




The camera seems a bit soft but otherwise looks good. But there’s something about those photos that raises my suspicions. Notice none of them are in low-light? Even the third one with the spoon seems to be staged with generous sunlight. Also, I don’t believe those are the original photo size — and I also suspect some post-processing. Looking at them again, I see they took photos with an insufficient variety of colors to really tell much.

Even though they praise it, the overall tone at the end seems more “Meh” than enthusiasm.

Again: It’s too bad Ramos didn’t go with the Rockchip 3188.

Let’s see if 1Pad and ZOL publish reviews too — and if they bother to use AnTuTu X when scoring it.

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2 responses to “Ramos K1 Gets A Review

  1. Laurent22300

    <Again: It’s too bad Ramos didn’t go with the Rockchip 3188.
    The Ramos K2 is same with MTK8389; it's not Rockchip 3188 but this should give better CPU performance, bluethooth, 3G WCDMA+Voice support, and almost the same autonomy. I'm desperately looking for a K2 review…

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