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Graffiti On The Nexus 7

Like me, Rich Finck is a Palm PDA veteran. We both love and miss Graffiti on devices.

He recently bought a 2013-edition Nexus 7 and decided to install Graffiti for Android on it.

This is the unhappy result:


It looks like ACCESS gave it a fixed height that’s tailored for phones, not optimized for tablets. Rich says that’s about three-quarters of an inch high — the usual height for Graffiti on Palm devices. I thought for a tablet it would be as tall as the keyboard it replaces. But it’s not.

Has anyone else installed Graffiti on a tablet? Is this the usual result?

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A Third MultiWindow Android System


All I know about it is its YouTube descriptions:

Multiwindow on Aosp ROM (OmniRom) for mako


Previewing OmniRoms MultiWindow feature, it’s not perfect yet obviously but already incredible useful – can’t wait to see final builds down the track.

This is more of a Split View than actual windows.

See the two videos after the break.

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Pricey Tomato T2: October 22

If I’m reading the Google Translate correctly, Tomato will introduce the 1.9GHz octa-core Exynos 5410-based T2 tablet on October 22 [Google Translate].


It will be double the price of most iPad Mini clones, 1,699 locally for the 16GB version — compared to ~799 for most iPad Mini clones. The price of the 32GB version will probably cause people to gasp.

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Tyrant Gold

That’s what it becomes in Google Translate: “Tyrant Gold.”

LuftCo has announced it will do a gold tablet too [Google English].


It’s bad enough companies copy Apple, but this gold thing is the worst possible move Apple has ever made. Whatever happened to the “rest of us” ethos from the 1980s?


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The iPad Mini Has Eaten The World

IMP3Net has an interesting, if unscientific, post about the state of tablet sales in China [Google English]. It’s based solely on the sales chart from the large seller Taobao, for just one week, but I have a suspicion that it’s a good reflection of the overall tablet market too.

Despite pioneering the tablet market, the 9.7-inch size of the iPad is not the largest seller:


The 7.9-inch (classified as 8-inch) iPad Mini size dominates, with 38% of sales, followed by 7-inch tablets at 32%.

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