The iPad Mini Has Eaten The World

IMP3Net has an interesting, if unscientific, post about the state of tablet sales in China [Google English]. It’s based solely on the sales chart from the large seller Taobao, for just one week, but I have a suspicion that it’s a good reflection of the overall tablet market too.

Despite pioneering the tablet market, the 9.7-inch size of the iPad is not the largest seller:


The 7.9-inch (classified as 8-inch) iPad Mini size dominates, with 38% of sales, followed by 7-inch tablets at 32%.

Unsurprisingly, the OS breakdown is this:


And here’s the one-week chart for the Top Fifty sales:


The first iPad Mini clone to show up is the Onda V819 Mini, at number 11. I guess it’s true that in China Onda has the best marketing and sales channels.

And despite forum members complaining about iPad Mini clone prices being high, it’s the higher-priced iPad Mini itself that tops the chart (followed by a 9.7-inch tablet, the Teclast P98HD).

The Purse Factor continues to win.

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