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Quality Control Failure At Ramos

Ramos made a commitment to quality, investing heavily in retooling their manufacturing processes to create a new line of tablets with precision-machine parts.

In an advertorial post at ZOL, they boast about it [Google English].

Meanwhile, as reported at 1Pad PadHz, people are beginning to get their hands on the new flagship tablet, the Ramos i9 and experiencing light leak issues [Google English].

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While 1Pad is dismissive of people complaining, saying it’s all being exaggerated, this is simply unacceptable. It’s going to be interesting to see if Ramos now lives up to their improved warranty and acts like Amazon would, swapping out these defective tablets for new ones.

Overall, Ramos seems to have bitten off more than they can chew. The Ramos K1 is in very short supply, making me think they’re having a great many assembly problems leading to quality issues they haven’t yet been able to solve.

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ICOO, Vido To Release Atom-Based iPad Mini Clones

Despite wanting to drop coverage of iPad Mini clones here, sometimes significant news pops up that drags me back in.

Such news is the announcement by ICOO [Google English] and a Vido seller leak [Google English] of iPad Mini clones both using the Intel Atom Z2580 CPU.


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No, there’s not much to tell from that picture, but it’s one of two floating around.

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