Perversely, Lenovo Called It The Miix2, Not The Miix 8

And that’s Miix2, with no intervening space.

Lenovo Blends Entertainment with Productivity in New Miix2 8-inch Tablet


Points of interest:

1) One model will have 128GBs of internal storage
2) There is no active digitizer like the Dell Venue 8 Pro
3) That Windows button on the front will cause pain

Quoting from my prior Asus post:

I discovered a design flaw that all Windows 8 tablets will share:


In that yellow circle is the Windows soft button. Do you know how many times my thumb accidentally hit that while holding a tablet in portrait mode, bouncing me to the Home screen? More than three times. Swiping in from the left got me back to where I was, but I’m coining the term for this because lots and lots of other people will wind up doing it too: Death-Thumbing! (“Oh damn, I just Death-Thumbed out of the browser back to the Home screen!”)

Some techies questioned the decision by Dell to place their Windows button on the edge (top when in portrait mode) of the Dell Venue 8 Pro. It might seem awkward but at least it won’t get in the way like the Lenovo one will.

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