WordPress Image Problem

Saturday morning and it seems WordPress is having trouble linking to its image database, so images aren’t appearing here.

It will be cleared up in time…

Same-day update: Something unusual is taking place. Internet Traffic Report shows just 70% of the North American Internet is up, with eleven routers down. Is this a cyber attack or some bizarre and coincidental cascade of failure?

Right now, I can’t call up Drudge Report or get to Twitter.

Same-day updates:

1) I also can’t reach Tumblr or Toogles.

2) WordPress uses Amazon’s S3 for image storage. Apparently so does Amazon itself. … and I just stupidly tried to upload a screensnap of that, which wouldn’t appear here anyway. Moar caffeine! Point is: No product images are appearing on Amazon. Will upload screensnap later when all is working again.

3) This was problem with the level 3 backbone. It seems to be fixed now — or at least ISPs are finally routing around the problem. Here’s that Amazon image:



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