Quote Of The Day: Android

From a Comment at: Why Android First is a Myth

Most of the Android buyers use the phone as a replacement for feature phones cause it’s a cheap phone thats makes calls and does SMS so even though the numbers say the market share is high the reality in a lot of places is Android is by default on these feature phone replacements and people don’t want apps.

I see this firsthand with a neighbor who was given a Samsung Galaxy S III by his employer.

He has zero curiosity about the device, has never used the Google Play Store, has turned to me to update the OS and tweak Settings, and is otherwise generally frustrated by the phone because it sometimes does things he doesn’t expect (it recently started announcing who is calling by name with a synthesized voice, something it never did before — and I couldn’t even find a Setting to turn that off!).

In short, not every Android device represents an opportunity for app or services sales. I don’t think this is true with the iPhone as it tends to attract a more technically-savvy — and higher-income — set of customers.

People can laugh at the child-like UI on the new Kindle Fire tablets, but I think Amazon understands just how few people are interested in becoming device experts and want as much hand-holding as possible. That likely accounts for the long delay in their phone development too. They need to get the UI just right.


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3 responses to “Quote Of The Day: Android

  1. Brian

    My brother works at an Apple store and constantly meets iPhone users who are the same as your neighbor. They use the phone, the camera, sometimes SMS, and sometimes email.

    It’s possible that more people use Android like this because it’s cheaper, but there are plenty of people who buy iPhones just because people tell them they should, then use them like feature phones.

    • mikecane

      Wow. I’m really stunned to learn that. It’s a shame people aren’t more curious about their devices. All that power going to waste.

  2. Ive found this with people. As a Android development person I see we can’t always see in front of our hands sometimes. What everyone doesn’t dig into their Android phones files or root it.?
    Lets face it this shows developers have done there jobs. People just want what they want when they want it. They don’t care how it works and dont want to deal with setting up tones of extra crap.. Search, email and maps seem to be what most people want easy access to.
    I had the same problem with Samsung Galaxy S3 saying who’s calling. Cant remember the fix right now.

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