Time Warner Cable Hijacked My Internet Session

I clicked on a link for a website in Twitter and my session was hijacked by Time Warner Cable to present this:

Click = big

That should never, ever happen.

Same-day update: This gets even worse…

After clicking to resume, I got this:

Click = big

Then this:

Click = big

And then this:

Click = big

And I actually had to reboot my damn PC!

This is nuts.

This weekend Time Warner Cable suffered a massive outage. I noted a far-reaching Internet problem in this post.

Yet they couldn’t be bothered to hijack my account to tell me they were to blame for that?

And they pull this shit on a Monday?

This is what has been happening every Monday for the past month:


I took that photo a few minutes ago.

The Program Guide goes missing and I have to reboot their damned crappy Cisco box!

Every. Damn. Monday.

So, Time Warner Cable, try providing service before worrying about getting paid.


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4 responses to “Time Warner Cable Hijacked My Internet Session

  1. Martin

    The last photo is the best…. It’s like George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts are laughing at you…. Incredible…

  2. Keishon

    Oh hell no. With the fights with network television for the contractual agreements and now hijacking one’s TV with payment reminders makes me damn glad they left this market a long time ago. Comcast isn’t any better but still we are at their mercy, unfortunately, for internet access.

  3. Mike Perlman

    No competition.

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