A Fourth MultiWindow Android System


A company called Tieto has posted a YouTube video showing their multiwindowing for Android concept.

This is the fourth entrant in what is surprisingly becoming an actual thing!

See screensnaps and video after the break.

This looks as if it’s an app. At least it’s selected from an icon in the app launcher. This makes me wonder if end users could eventually buy this at the Google Play Store.


I don’t know what hardware this is. I’ve asked at YouTube.



None of the apps demonstrated were modified:



A lot of floating buttons on the right side:





Although the ability to tile is mentioned, it’s not demonstrated.

Also not mentioned is the CPU horsepower and necessary RAM.

There are a lot of buttons there. This seems to be a mix of all other methods. This is all tending towards more complexity when what’s needed is pure simplicity.

I think Rockchip’s method is a good start. Users have to learn only two simple gestures.

But the problem is modality. Switching between live windows and actions on windows. That still seems like old thinking.

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3 responses to “A Fourth MultiWindow Android System

  1. Thank you for your comments and review. I agree with the remarks about the user friendliness.
    The solution is on a “proof of concept” stage. Thus some fine tuning and customizations are still to be done.
    Anyway, your comments are very helpful and will be considered in the roadmap. Thanks for that.

    The icons just enable the MultiWindow functionality. The solution is not just an app. We introduced some extensions to the framework as well.
    It has also successfully passed tests with several non-modified Android apps as well as numerous tablets from different OEMs.

    A few heads up on what’s next: there is also an extended version available. It will contain both: floating windows (presented) and “docked” ones with tabs. The user will be able to switch between those “on the go”. General user experience is simplified as well.

    At this point I would like to mention about one more thing. We are internally discussing the possibilities to open source this solution…

    Marcin Rojek

    • mikecane

      Thanks for replying. As you can see at the end of the post, others have similar ideas!

      It sounds like users will be able to arrange “sets” of apps. That sounds great.

      I hope this will be something we users will be able to have at some point. Good luck.

  2. I am happy to inform that the project has finally been published to Open Source and is available at: https://github.com/tieto/multiwindow_for_android
    We have just released the stable version with 2 UX styles: floating & docked windows. Feel free to contribute and help us bring the multitasking for Android to a new level :)

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