Hilarious: Onda V819 Vs. Retina iPad Mini

Onda dared to issue a press release comparing its V819 Mini to the iPad Mini and Retina iPad Mini [Google English].

One part of it was a comparison chart:


As you can see, I’ve made some corrections to it.

They got the RAM of the original Mini wrong. It’s 512MBs, not 1GB. And we still don’t know if the Retina iPad Mini has 1GB, but it likely does (why else use the A7 CPU?).

As for the CPU and GPU, this is where Onda gets its head ripped off.

The A31s CPU has already been shown to be the second-best CPU behind the Rockchip 3188, scoring in the 12,000-range with AnTuTu X. The Apple A5 can’t be benchmarked similarly. But what’s telling is the real-world performance. Reviews have stated there is stuttering and delays with the A31s. There have been no such complaints about the A5. And as for the new A7 CPU, it’s 64-bit and just slays the A31s, doing things that CPU can’t.

It gets even worse for Onda: While the V819’s Power VR 543 and iPad Mini’s 544 are similar, running at 200MHz and capable of 7.2 gigaflops/second, the Retina iPad Mini’s PowerVR 6340 is capable of 51.2 gigaflops/second. This is a giant leap in power.

While it’s true the Mini doesn’t have a dedicated HDMI-port like the V819, HDMI is still available via the Lightning port and adapter. So it’s not like, as Onda states, “unavailable.” And Miracast versus AirPlay is a similar wash, with both in most cases requiring an additional hardware purchase (Miracast adapter, Apple TV).

Onda really grasps at straws too:


They criticize the Retina iPad Mini for being a mere 0.5mm thicker — and for not having a Gold edition?! The Onda V819 doesn’t (yet?) have a Gold edition either!

For the prices involved — locally — 699 vs 2098 vs 2888 — I’d still tell the Chinese to skip the Onda V819 and save save save for the Retina iPad Mini. It might be four times the price, but it’s way more than four times the power.

And I haven’t even bothered to go into RAM throughput or screen color depth.

Really, Onda. You’ve provided some unintended comedy here.

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