Tomato T2 Benchmarks


The forum astroturfing for the Tomato T2 tablet has begun [Google English].

The Tomato T2 tablet is a 7.9-inch screen 1024 x 768 resolution iPad Mini clone with Samsung Galaxy Tab styling, a 1.8GHz octa-core Exynos 5410 CPU, 2GBs of RAM, USB 3.0, and 3G available via Huawei UltraStick.

It was supposed to have gone on sale yesterday, but there’s no indication yet that it has.

Claimed AnTuTu X score of 27,584:

Click = big

Red circle in the original image.

NenaMark 2:

Click = big

I will do some more posts when actual reviews appear but my enthusiasm for this tablet is waning. If phoneArena is to be believed, the LG G Pad 8.3 has an AnTuTu score close to this. It’s likely that the Tegra 4-based HP Slate 8 Pro will too — if not exceed it. Given how powerful brand-name tablets have recently become, there’s just no longer any reason to go to China for this one — especially since the LG and HP tablets have higher-resolution screens too.

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2 responses to “Tomato T2 Benchmarks

  1. Bill

    Well as always it will come down to the price. Right now I peraonally think its off.

    • mikecane

      I think this tablet might encroach into prices for American brand-name tablets. Dell’s Atom Android tablets already are basically equally priced to Chinese Atom iPad Mini clones.

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