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Tulipmania, The Latest Edition

SEC Issues Proposal on Crowdfunding

“If this goes wrong … there will be no survivors.”

So, here we go. We’ve found the latest thing to inflate after real estate, the dotcom bubble, real estate, the tech bubble, Bitcoin, and real estate.

What this means is the creation of new markets and new middlemen. People will want to unload their crowdfunded equity shares — and where do you go to do that when you need the cash (there’s always an emergency)?

There’s no such market. Yet. But it will be created.

Markets, plural, will be created.

And the amount of graft will be absolutely epic.

If you’ve never looked into stock graft, go buy borrow from a public library The Wolf of Wall Street. I hate the idea of putting more money into that bastard’s pocket, so, really, don’t buy it. Ahem.

If you read all of it, you’ll actually be ahead of me. That book so thoroughly disgusted me that I couldn’t even get to its happy ending — with all of the crooks going to jail.

There will be many, many more crooks now.


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Nikki Finke Going Solo Again

Nikki Finke Claims to Be Leaving Deadline, Announces NikkiFinke.com


The corporatization of Deadline: Hollywood was a sad thing to witness.

I understood the need for additional staff to report facts. But I was never attracted to Deadline for facts. I was there for the fearless brilliance of Nikki Finke.

This is what Suits don’t understand. Even in 2013 it eludes them.

We can get facts from robots. Hell, there’s a company out there writing software to spit out facts without human intervention.

What we want, what we crave is bravery, fearlessness, truth, honesty, a human point of view.

You know what that costs? It’s priceless.

Good luck to Nikki. I will eagerly read her new site.

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