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They don’t cite the source, but 1Pad reports that Steve Wozniak wants an iPad with 256GBs of storage [Google English]. He cites the difficulty of finding good wireless connections. My own concern is that I will not use the Cloud after all the NSA spying revelations. When your data is in the Cloud, the Cloud provider can be served with a warrant to examine your stuff without you ever being notified. The hell with that. I want to be notified and the only way for that to be more likely to happen (it’s no longer guaranteed since they’re now regularly violating the Bill of Rights) is if I store everything on my own premises.

HP is holding a tablet event in China on October 30th [Google English].


Maybe now we’ll find out what the amount of RAM in the Slate 8 Pro will be! There’s also a rumor that HP will release — at least in China, and likely only for China — a tablet using a quad-core Chinese CPU. 1Pad is speculating that will be the Allwinner A31s, not the Rockchip 3188. Given HP’s repeated missteps since the webOS debacle, it’s reasonable to expect them to use the second-best CPU in order to keep up their record of failure.

Although I’m no longer covering iPad Mini clones, I want to note that Vido is releasing one based on the Intel Atom Z2580 [Google English].


It’s likely the same guts as the Teclast P89 Mini. The only question is whether or not it will have a 16-bit color screen like the Teclast. Forum chatter expects all Intel Atom-based tablets in China to have 16-bit color screens, including the new ones from Ramos, but as the Lenovo K900 phone has shown 24-bit color is possible. Given that my test of the Atom-based Dell Venue 8 tablet wasn’t impressive in handling Google Books PDFs, I expect Vido’s tablet to be similar in performance.

Finally, according to Twitter accounts, Dell has delayed shipping its Dell Venue 8 Pro twice, with the last date reported to be November 8th.


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4 responses to “Tablet Notes

  1. E.T.

    Indeed, the brand tablets you mention have potential especially with the sales around the corner. Nevertheless, some of the Chinese mini clones may still constitute a budget alternative, especially outside the US, due to the combined difference in price and shipping costs.
    So far I found the leading alternatives to be the Pipo U8, the Yuandao/Vido mini one and the FNF iFive Mini3, with the Tomato T2 still mostly an unknown.
    Your coverage of Chinese sites has been illuminating and as you shift your focus to brand names, would you be willing to post a guide or tutorial for following tablets reviews, news, etc. on Chinese sites?

    • mikecane

      There’s basically 1Pad, IMP3Net, ZOL, PCPop, and PadHz. It’s been no secret where I’ve been getting the info. It’s just that no one else who reads those sites bothers to share it in English. At least not that I’ve seen.

  2. E.T.

    About a year ago you had a good impression of the Asus Windows 8 computers. Have you passed on the 10.1″ convertible tablet/laptops running Windows 8, like the Asus T100 with the quad-core Atom? They have the added advantage that you have more productivity capabilities via Word, etc.

    • mikecane

      Yes. The Asus tablets were good at the time but even then I wanted something lighter and slimmer. The Dell Venue 8 Pro looks to be the best of the small Win 8 tablets so far. I have no interest in convertibles even though I noted the Transformers in that report.

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