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Tulipmania, The Latest Edition

SEC Issues Proposal on Crowdfunding

“If this goes wrong … there will be no survivors.”

So, here we go. We’ve found the latest thing to inflate after real estate, the dotcom bubble, real estate, the tech bubble, Bitcoin, and real estate.

What this means is the creation of new markets and new middlemen. People will want to unload their crowdfunded equity shares — and where do you go to do that when you need the cash (there’s always an emergency)?

There’s no such market. Yet. But it will be created.

Markets, plural, will be created.

And the amount of graft will be absolutely epic.

If you’ve never looked into stock graft, go buy borrow from a public library The Wolf of Wall Street. I hate the idea of putting more money into that bastard’s pocket, so, really, don’t buy it. Ahem.

If you read all of it, you’ll actually be ahead of me. That book so thoroughly disgusted me that I couldn’t even get to its happy ending — with all of the crooks going to jail.

There will be many, many more crooks now.

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Nikki Finke Going Solo Again

Nikki Finke Claims to Be Leaving Deadline, Announces

The corporatization of Deadline: Hollywood was a sad thing to witness.

I understood the need for additional staff to report facts. But I was never attracted to Deadline for facts. I was there for the fearless brilliance of Nikki Finke.

This is what Suits don’t understand. Even in 2013 it eludes them.

We can get facts from robots. Hell, there’s a company out there writing software to spit out facts without human intervention.

What we want, what we crave is bravery, fearlessness, truth, honesty, a human point of view.

You know what that costs? It’s priceless.

Good luck to Nikki. I will eagerly read her new site.

Previously here:

Cashing-Out Is Selling-Out

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To Start, Do Not Touch Start

This is wonderful.


She touches the word Start thinking it’s the old Windows Start button!

Warner Crocker did four videos with his wife encountering a Surface 2 and Windows 8.1 for the first time.

These have to be seen. His wife is a delight — Warner must laugh at lot at home — and we get to see Windows 8.1 through fresh eyes. Like touching the word Start to Start — which, when you stop to think about it, is completely logical! Did Microsoft ever consider that? I can’t say I did — but I’d already seen videos of Windows 8 in use.

Go see the post and videos: Checking out the Microsoft Surface 2 with a First Timer

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Surface RT: Still D.O.A.

The Surface RT is simply a very bad product

This man [Microsoft’s PR boss Frank Shaw] has his head so far up his own ass he has absolutely no idea just how terrible the products he is spinning are compared to the competition. And, unlike him, I have no horse in this race. I gave my Surface RT, Windows 8, and Metro a fair chance — several of them, in fact — but the cold and harsh truth is that my cheap-ass, first-generation 8GB Nexus 7 running Android 4.3, bought in June 2012, is infinitely more useful, has far better applications, and has crazy better performance than the Surface RT.

There’s even more there, detailing the horror of RT as well as Windows Phone.

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R.I.P. webOS (Again)

Hewlett-Packard Said to Be Seeking to Sell Mobile Patents

Whitman initially turned WebOS, designed for smartphones and tablets, into an open-source software project and rebranded it as a wholly-owned subsidiary called Gram. She sold the operating system’s code to LG Electronics Inc. (066570) earlier this year.

Hewlett-Packard retained WebOS’s patents under that deal and licensed them to LG. The agreement would be unlikely to encumber Hewlett-Packard’s ability to sell its WebOS patents, one of the people with knowledge of the sales process said.

Will Apple and Google team up again to buy this portfolio, as they’ve teamed up in the past?

Or will Apple, already using a Card-like UI in iOS 7, grab them alone?

I was right to move on from webOS.

It’s clear that it’s dead. Even LG seems to have abandoned its webOS plans, with the rumor of them doing devices based on Google’s Chrome OS.

It’s dead, Jim.


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Tomato T2 Benchmarks


The forum astroturfing for the Tomato T2 tablet has begun [Google English].

The Tomato T2 tablet is a 7.9-inch screen 1024 x 768 resolution iPad Mini clone with Samsung Galaxy Tab styling, a 1.8GHz octa-core Exynos 5410 CPU, 2GBs of RAM, USB 3.0, and 3G available via Huawei UltraStick.

It was supposed to have gone on sale yesterday, but there’s no indication yet that it has.

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Hilarious: Onda V819 Vs. Retina iPad Mini

Onda dared to issue a press release comparing its V819 Mini to the iPad Mini and Retina iPad Mini [Google English].

One part of it was a comparison chart:


As you can see, I’ve made some corrections to it.

They got the RAM of the original Mini wrong. It’s 512MBs, not 1GB. And we still don’t know if the Retina iPad Mini has 1GB, but it likely does (why else use the A7 CPU?).

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Today’s Apple Event

iPad Air. In 2008, I was calling it the “iPod Air” — Is Apple’s Tablet The iPod Air? Off by one single letter. And a few years. Ha!

I think Gruber was the first to combine iPad with Air, in this post about the Mini.

iBooks is now built into the iPads:


I think it has to be, now that OS X Mavericks will also have it. That changes the eBook game for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and others.

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A Fourth MultiWindow Android System


A company called Tieto has posted a YouTube video showing their multiwindowing for Android concept.

This is the fourth entrant in what is surprisingly becoming an actual thing!

See screensnaps and video after the break.

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R.I.P. Filmation Co-Founder Lou Scheimer

He-Man cartoon producer Lou Scheimer dies aged 84

God, how I hated their stuff.

You see, before Filmation came along, I’d already seen Japanese cartoons such as Astro Boy, Marine Boy, Prince Planet, and Speed Racer. They all had style. They were all cool.

It was only much later that I appreciated the fact that Filmation — and Hanna-Barbera — basically kept American animation alive, even in the sorry state of “illustrated radio.” They kept American animators employed, even if the work might have caused them to go home at night and drink themselves to sleep. Hey, at least they still had a home and could afford the drink! That is still something.

To be fair, I loved The Archie Show, just like everyone else. And The Fat Albert Show. So when they weren’t doing superheroes or SF, I could watch because the pace was slower than the hyperactive storytelling I’d gotten spoiled on by the Japanese.

It wasn’t just the challenge of keeping animation alive in America that Scheimer and others faced. In the 1970s, there was a noxious group called Action for Children’s Television that managed to stick its blue-nosed snout into the TV networks and was intent on making everything as bland as possible. ACT once published a handbook. In the back was an appendix that condemned every single TV show I loved as kid. They were the Nazis of TV. They were PC before the term was even invented. (Luckily in the 1980s, companies again imported Japanese programs, dubbed them into English, and re-exposed Americans to anime. ACT withered and died in the face of the popularity — and profitability — of those programs.)

So, while I didn’t think much of Filmation, I have to give Lou Scheimer his due for sticking it in a very hostile environment.

Rest in peace.

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