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Tomato T2 In Sketchy Video

The French branch of an international seller has posted a lengthy video of the Tomato T2.

The video is in French but is worth seeing.

However, it’s of questionable merit since there are unexplained cuts in it. Also, not being a French speaker, there is much ambiguity about what’s actually being discussed despite the visuals.

Screensnaps and the video after the break.

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Tomato T2: Worldwide 3G & GPS


In an advertorial post at IMP3Net, Tomato touts the worldwide 3G compatibility of its T2 tablet [Google English].

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Who’s Paranoid Now?


When PDAs were the rage and smartphones were still primitive (the Treo had not yet been introduced), I dared to bring up the subject of data privacy on a discussion board. I used the example of Al Sharpton being arrested (he was always being arrested back then; NYC was in turmoil) — what would be the likelihood of the police confiscating his PDA and taking all of the info off of it?

I was basically jeered at and made to feel stupid and ridiculous. No one had the brains to see any of the implications of what I had raised.

Even today, with all of the NSA revelations, there are still those who smugly insist there’s no risk in using “the Cloud.”

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