Tomato T2 In Sketchy Video

The French branch of an international seller has posted a lengthy video of the Tomato T2.

The video is in French but is worth seeing.

However, it’s of questionable merit since there are unexplained cuts in it. Also, not being a French speaker, there is much ambiguity about what’s actually being discussed despite the visuals.

Screensnaps and the video after the break.

AnTuTu was not run on it. So this tablet continues to evade a credible AnTuTu score. That’s worrying.


I don’t know what’s going on with the blue on that Home button. That’s another worry.


Good news! The Huawei UltraStick is already inside. Just add a compatible SIM card for 3G.


He actually takes a ruler to it. Weight is 410 grams.


One of a few benchmarks run. See the video at 720p because he really didn’t go in very close and the results are difficult to see. French speakers will have no trouble understanding the results from the narration.


Ten-point multitouch, which is good.


There is some question about the screen. It looks as if the blacks are not black enough. I can’t tell if he’s also mentioning color depth. No color depth screen test app is run.



He gets points for plugging in a USB card reader and accessing files from it.


I don’t know what that app is. At this point it looks like he’s also contrasting the size of a 7-inch screen to a 7.9-inch one. We’ve been there before.

And now the video:

Final note, the YouTube description, via Google Translate, is:

We did not do a test on the 8-core tablet TEAMGEE Super 8 because this one is a disaster, but that is the novelty that is also equipped with an 8-core processor Samsung Exynos 5 Octa? Much to discover in this video.

So, the Teamgee Super 8 is no good after all, despite the astroturfing in Chinese forums. That’s the 8-inch tablet that’s a clone of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0. It took weeks for this bad news to be revealed.

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