Who’s Paranoid Now?


When PDAs were the rage and smartphones were still primitive (the Treo had not yet been introduced), I dared to bring up the subject of data privacy on a discussion board. I used the example of Al Sharpton being arrested (he was always being arrested back then; NYC was in turmoil) — what would be the likelihood of the police confiscating his PDA and taking all of the info off of it?

I was basically jeered at and made to feel stupid and ridiculous. No one had the brains to see any of the implications of what I had raised.

Even today, with all of the NSA revelations, there are still those who smugly insist there’s no risk in using “the Cloud.”

To all of you blithe imbeciles whose apathy and willful ignorance wreak havoc in the world at the expense of smart people, go eat this:

NSA revelations boost corporate paranoia about state surveillance

A big shift is occurring in cloud computing where European executives have become more aware that data stored in the US is subject to that jurisdiction and therefore potentially vulnerable.

According to a survey carried out by the Cloud Security Alliance, a trade body, some 10 per cent of non-US members cancelled plans to use a US-based cloud provider after revelations about the US Prism data mining programme.

Jim Snabe, co-chief executive at SAP, says: “We see a new question from customers that didn’t come up a year ago – which is where is my data stored and can you guarantee that it stays physically in that jurisdiction.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


For large companies, the message has long since been drummed home that picking up a free USB stick at a trade fair, or leaving a laptop unguarded in a hotel room are unwise, to say the least.

Ulrich Hackenberg, board member at carmaker Audi, says it has been standard practice for years for mobile phones to be collected before board meetings so they cannot be used as remote listening devices.

Germany’s BfV advises executives to consider using simple prepaid mobiles when on foreign trips because of the risk that smart phones are compromised. The prepaid mobiles are then thrown away afterwards.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Who’s paranoid now?

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