Tomato T2: AnTuTu X Score

A seller has posted a video of AnTuTu X — the cheat-defeating version — benchmarking the 1.8GHz Exynos 5410-based Tomato T2 tablet.



So, the horsepower is for real.


A few more screens are shown, so see the video in the highest possible resolution to try to read them directly.

Based on CPU horsepower alone, this would be the tablet to get (especially for the UltraStick optional 3G), should buyers report it has good build quality and no surprise problems. It has yet to get widespread reviews at tech sites and no buyers have yet reported getting it in Chinese forums (there is also a surprising lack of astroturf for it).

This looks like the most powerful iPad Mini clone, period. It remains on my list of tablet contenders. I’ll have to see what the HP Slate 8 Pro is like — I consider it the direct competitor to the Tomato T2.

Now the video:

Previously here:

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8 responses to “Tomato T2: AnTuTu X Score

  1. yeahman45

    this tablet looks nice! unfortunately i recently bought a galaxy note 8.

  2. yeahman45

    btw do you know any ipad/ios/android or any sites to download free chinese ebooks?

  3. E.T.

    The current price on Aliexpress and Pandawill is $305 with free shipping. Quite expensive considering that these tablets always carry a QC risk

  4. M. Smith

    Personally, spending $305 on a tablet from a maker with zero history is a bit too steep. Considering a RK3188 of the same size with the same screen resolution can be had for $150 shipped (see v88s), I think this price point should be more in the $200 to $225 range.

    The comments from this review indicate that the T2 will soon be upgraded to a Exynos 5420. The comments also suggest one might be able to get this for around $200, but I’ve been unable to find this price point anywhere.


    • mikecane

      I agree the T2 is very expensive. All these prices eventually plummet. The Colorfly U781 — Allwinner A31s — is now just 668 in China, down from its original 999 (I wouldn’t expect international sellers to cut their prices, however).

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