Hulu: Supercar, U.F.O.

A tweet alerted me:

And it’s true!

Supercar — all 39 episodes.

U.F.O. – oddly, only 25 of the 26 episodes are available. Hulu is missing production episode 20, Destruction. I peeked into production episode 22 — The Psychobombs — and was surprised to find the series titles and theme not included! I hope this isn’t across all episodes.

These series will play on your desktop or notebook. For mobile and TV, a subscription to Hulu Plus is required.


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4 responses to “Hulu: Supercar, U.F.O.

  1. Martin

    I’m happy to start monday morning with this news…thank you Mike….And good for Hulu…

  2. Martin

    Space 1999 is also in Hulu !!! 48 episodes…

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