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The Blacklist


In the 1960s, ABC had Batman. It was an overtly camp series that children — like me back then — took seriously.

Today, we have The Blacklist on NBC. Which people seem to be taking seriously but it’s all so outrageous it has to be camp.

The first episode was so ridiculous that I didn’t intend to watch more. But I had free time … and now I’ve watched all six episodes, thanks to cable TV On Demand.

The series has become even more outrageous, ridiculous, and unbelievable with each episode. So I recommend it. It makes me laugh out loud with every episode.

If you watch it and don’t, well, you’re not getting what I see as the big joke being played.

After the break, speculative spoilers.

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An Immortal Reader Review

The Art of Writing by George Randolph Chester was originally published in 1912.


Before we get to the first word he wrote, we get a review from a reader that is now immortal.

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