Compaq 8 iPad Mini Clone Gets A Review


ZOL has a review of the new Compaq 8 iPad Mini clone from HP [Google English].

This is a typical Allwinner A31s-based tablet.


The only surprise — and the reason why I’m bothering to do this post — is its AnTuTu 4.x score:


That’s an honest score. So HP didn’t include any of the Android cheats the A31s platform usually contains (there’s a seller with a YouTube video showing the A31s-based Ramos K1 getting an AnTuTu 4.x score in the 20,000-range, who refuses to correct that fraudulent score).

Compaq, a brand once known for high-quality IBM PC clones and a cutting-edge Pocket PC, is now being used to pimp an unimaginative iPad Mini clone. My head explodes.

Previously here:

HP Unveils Three Low-End Tablets In China Under Compaq Brand


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