Tomato T2 Is Just 1.6GHz, Not 1.8GHz

Update November 13, 2013: Stop reading here. This post is incorrect. The Tomato T2 does run at 1.8GHz. See this post.

In a forum post about the Teamgee Super 8 [Google English] — a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 clone — there’s disturbing news about the octa-core Exynos 5410 CPU.

It comes from a user who really knows his stuff, so I take this as being the truth:

Samsung 5410 +2 g memory +1280 resolution 8-inch, in principle, a, dual quad-core, 28-nanometer (quad-core a7 A7 frequency of which 200 – 1200MHz; and quad-core a15 A15 frequency of 200 – 1600MHz ) theoretical maximum 5410 as 1.8g, but this machine is the highest tg 1.6g, and experimental cpu master, no overclocking possible, seem to be locked up to 1.6g and it is very similar to 3188. This does not mean cpu dissatisfaction with blood, because Samsung’s performance is so s4, 5410 nominal 1.8g, the actual maximum 1.6g.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Here’s the story on these Exynos 5410s. They are rejects from Samsung. The Chinese bought them because hey, they’re octa-core, and why waste all that power if you can turn it into a tablet to sell? They might not be good enough for Samsung, but others might still want them.

So, yeah. We’re dealing with CPUs that aren’t good enough for Samsung but are still octa-core.

However, as he notes above, like the Rockchip 3188 — which everyone advertised at running at 1.8GHz — the truth is the 5410 becomes unstable when clocked to its full potential of 1.8GHz.

So, all those Rockchip 3188-based tablets that were advertised running at 1.8GHz turned out to really be 1.6Ghz.

And now the same trick has been revealed for the Exynos 5410.

I should have been suspicious when Tomato started saying the 5410 was 1.8GHz and not the 1.9GHz of their original pimping.

And I should have taken AnTuTu X at its word when it said the Tomato T2 was running at 1.6GHz and not 1.8 in this video:

Click = very large

But as you can also see in the above, AnTuTu X is saying the Exynos is a quad-core CPU, not octa-core. So I chalked up the reported 1.6GHz to being another error.

But it’s not.

I don’t know that any of this makes a real difference. The AnTuTu scores have been real, so there’s still horsepower in that tablet.

But seeing a Chinese tablet vendor lie again really gets up my nose.

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2 responses to “Tomato T2 Is Just 1.6GHz, Not 1.8GHz

  1. rich finck

    I’ve heard of this sub par stuff in the auto business. Didn’t realize it applied to the electronics field also. Seems logical it exists in all other markets as well. Caveat emptor.

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