16GB HP Slate 8 Pro Price Leaked

My go-to retailer for canonical pricing is J&R, but they’re not listing it yet.

But there’s a second choice here in NYC and I hit paydirt:

Click = big

The above at B&H Photo Video.

I think that’s a good price.

When will the 2GB RAM/32GB storage model I want appear? And how much more will it cost?

Previously here:

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22 responses to “16GB HP Slate 8 Pro Price Leaked

  1. TheRealCBONE

    I think they priced this poorly and kept it quiet with little spec information and no fanfare because they don’t have enough product on hand to meet the demand a lower price would bring. Add in a touch of HP being stuck on stupid and you get iPad mini pricing. If this one is 329, I imagine they will stupidly price the 2gb one at 399 and sell approximately none of them. Next year’s fire sale device. Too bad.

    • mikecane

      It’s a 1600 x 1200 screen, Tegra 4 and, for what it’s worth, Beats audio, I think the price is good. But I’m comparing it to the iPad Mini and not a seven-inch tablet like the Nexus 7 — which I’m not interested in to begin with. Also, it’s a 4:3, not 16:9/10, screen which is also a plus in my book.

      • TheRealCBONE

        A strongly selling product is good for everyone. More support both by the Android community and by the manufacturer. It hits the mark for 4:3, Tegra4, Android, 16×12, microSD, so I’m interested, but not at the likely iPad mini 2 price for the good one. They shouldn’t have bothered with the DOA Base version and only released a 2GB/16GB version at 299. The market of Android 4:3 devices that aren’t garbage is so small, why release 2 products to sell and support poorly rather than 1 to put some oomph into? The casual tablet buyer isn’t going to even see this to buy it. HP is all but hiding it. Maybe they will surprise with some retailer discounts after that pricing gets them less initial sales.

        Honestly, once the sticker shock wears off, I’ll probably convice myself to get the good one anyway.

      • mikecane

        HP has more than just this tablet. And it hasn’t been released yet, so we can’t say whether or not it will be hiding. I expect it to get in Best Buy just as the, um, poor webOS-based TouchPad did. Not everyone wants 2GBs RAM/32 storage, so I have no problems with them offering two versions — I would have been mad if they had done just the 1GB/16GB model.

      • yeahman45

        the price looks ok.. need to read the reviews to see if it is worth it

  2. yeahman45

    it says 1gb ram.. I thought the pro version has 2gb

  3. joe

    for the price this is pretty much same specs as the teclast p89 ,, i was expecting this price for the 2gb not the 1gb , what is your thoughts? im almost tempted in just buying the ramos i9 at this point it delievers what im looking just a little bigger size but that could be a good thing actually

    • mikecane

      The Tegra 4 seems to be more powerful than the Intel Atom in the Teclast and i9. See my post about the Dell Venue 8, which also has the Atom:

      There’s some concerns about game compatibility with the Atom. No one has yet published a list of incompatible apps, however.

      Although it’s not a 4:3 screen, the Dell Venue 8 at least would be easier to return if there are problems with it.

      As for the the i9, the last review of it I read pointed out some problems with USB connections and the reviewer said Ramos needs to issue a firmware update. Units have also been suffering from light leakage at the edge of the screen.

  4. joe

    i guess as for power in this 8 inch form factor with 4.3 screen the 1gb for the hp is not gonna make a big impact for now imho,, the teclast would be the best bang for the buck but as u stated not enough gaming info on the teclast p89

    i just dont understand why they put intel in there and or tegra4 and still go with 1gb smh

    btw love your site

    • mikecane

      Yes, the 1GB of RAM is a problem. But believe it or not, in China new iPad Mini clones are being released with just 512MBs of RAM.

      • joe

        well im fine with 1gb for under 200 buck (chinese tabs) espeically something beefier with intel atom but i cant pay same price and more for the slate 8 with 1gb ,when u can get a full windows dell or lenova miix2 for cheaper ,, just doesnt make good buying sense imho but i rather have a tablet with android ,,
        Do u know anyone that bought the Hp slate 8 yet?

      • mikecane

        I sweep YouTube several times a day to see if anyone has uploaded a Slate 8 Pro video. Nothing yet.

  5. joe

    hahaha me to ,, we are geeks i love it ,, i sent hp a support email telling them they should really rethink and up the 1 to a 2 gb and that would make them ahead of all tabs in that league ,, no answer yet

  6. M. Smith

    Just go the Dell Venue 8 with 2GB of RAM and a atom z2580 process for $130 out the door with a one accidental insurance thrown on for free. That’s not a Chinese tablet with zero CS and shoddy firmware/support, that’s a tablet from Dell. This price will be available again on BF.

    Sorry, but HP doesn’t have the fanfare/community support to be releasing a product in the same price point as the iPad mini. Apple fans will “sacrifice their first born” for the next best thing and the iPad OS is an extremely mature OS. HP’s last attempt at making a dent in the tablet market was a flop so why jump back in at this price?

    As other’s have said, I’ll wait for the fire sale. This model will probably be $220 in less than six months.

  7. M. Smith

    Agreed, the Venue 8 does not have a cutting edge, top of the pyramid processor (in comparison to a Tegra 4), but for $130 it does offer a nice light 8″ form factor tablet with microSD, Bluetooth, GPS and 2GB of RAM. It’s processor power should be sufficient for 75% of what tablet buyers use their tablets for (streaming, surfing and checking email). Not to mention, the atom z2580 isn’t exactly a slouch (21,000 Antutu Benchmark scores with a pretty decent GPU).

    My biggest concern would be how compatible android games would be with a tablet housing a x86 SoC.


  8. ThinhN

    There is one app that I know for sure is not compatible with the atom based tablets. Drastic DS, this emulator was coded from the ground up to work only with ARM processors. Sure you can try using it with bluestacks but it is terribly slow. Not a deal breaker for some but definitely is for me. I have a shield and love it, but that screen size isn’t great for some DS games. One thing I know for sure is that the ppsspp emulator works great on tegra 4 devices. I am currently playing kingdom hearts BBS with very little artifacts, and when I say little I mean I might notice a small pixel out of place for a split second once through an hour of play. The DS and PSP games I’ve played have been smooth so far on the shield. I expect the experience should be very similar on the slate pro.

  9. joe

    it got a review on best buy yesterday , says it gets hot while playing games , that makes me nervous i wonder how hot it hot to that op ?

    Mike u gonna get this or have u yet? i dont think we will see the upgraded version for a while from what i am seeing but that 7 extreem look very interesting ,your thoughts?

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