Google Won. Next!

Google defeats authors in U.S. book-scanning lawsuit

I was against Google. But I’m not going to bother to link to all my posts.

This is bullshit:

He [Judge Chin] also said Google’s digitization was “transformative,” meaning it gave the books a new purpose or character, and could be expected to boost rather than reduce book sales.

If scanning a book is “transformative,” then my posting a short clip from a TV program or movie on YouTube for fair use in a post should be as well. Yet I’ve had two such clips DMCAed away and Google has threatened me with account deletion if I do it again (or am caught doing it again, harumph).

I have been a user of Google Books for longer than I can remember. Proportionally, they place more of a book online than any of my short clips do of any TV program or movie.

Yet they get a fucking free pass — for grabbing all the books.

While I’m under threat by Google for just two alleged violations.

I look forward to Google doing Video Search and grabbing all the TV and all the movies. Because that’s what they do. They need to build shit to slap ads on. It’s how they make their money.

Those CopyNazis of the MPAA don’t realize what just hit them.



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3 responses to “Google Won. Next!

  1. Ravi

    Your clips on YouTube could easily have been fair use but…

    1. Google wasn’t going to spend their time, money or lawyers defending your fair use, so they’ll not look at specific cases and take advantage of the DMCA safe harbor.

    2. Google wants to do things with the MPAA/RIAA that clearly aren’t fair use, so they have side deals that give them more than they might be entitled to based on the letter of the law.

  2. I personally think that your use of clips from you tube, or posting a quote from a book or whatever is fair use. Just like it’s fair use to play an album side on a radio show (whether the show is streaming or not.

    I was glad that Google won…but I think they should play fair and not try to screw you or other people who are following their lead. I also think eternal copyright is a Bad Idea(tm). You are a revolutionary!!! Go, you!

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