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HP Slate 8 Pro User Guide PDF

It’s a nineteen-page PDF that is very, very basic.

So basic that it doesn’t tell people to swipe through photos in Gallery or to even pinch-zoom them!

Screensnaps are done using the Power and Volume Down button. I had hoped there’d be a dedicated icon that could be added to the bottom bar.

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My Twitter Account Has Been Bombed Yet Again


It began happening live, in real-time, after I few tweets I made about an episode of Run for Your Life.

Yeah. Go figure.

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Animals Are Not Toys


The Hollywood Reporter blows the whistle on the corrupt American Humane Association’s monitoring of animal welfare on entertainment productions.

“It’s fascinating and ironic: From being the protectors of animals they’ve become complicit to animal cruelty,” says Bob Ferber, a veteran L.A. City Attorney’s office prosecutor who founded and supervised its Animal Protection Unit until retiring in March.

Animals are not toys. Any owner will vouch for the fact that even their own pets can become unpredictable when exposed to unfamiliar places and people — and to other animals. This is why we always use carriers. So for professionals to wind up injuring animals is just inexcusable. And for the Hollywood machine to be uncaring about it is doubly egregious. I’m sure the value of food wasted during catering is more than the amount it would take to ensure proper animal safety.

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