HP Slate 8 Pro TV Ad

Continuing its tradition of miserable TV ads for tablets, HP has posted to YouTube its ad for the Slate 8 Pro.

The best that can be said is that it lacks the Palm Pre Borg Queen and Russell Brand.


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3 responses to “HP Slate 8 Pro TV Ad

  1. E.T.

    Reminds me of the promotional videos on Chinese sites

  2. mr. bisch

    This ad left me with only one question in mind; who knocked on the door? It’s obviously not guests, since she just wanted to send them the photo, and she seems a bit startled, and god knows what happened next…

    The other question, now getting to me is: is this slate actually out or not?

    • mikecane

      B&H Photo in NYC reports it being in stock. And HP is selling it from their site. I guess we’ll see it rolling out to more stores — maybe Best Buy too? These days it’s really hard to tell. Retailers are carrying less variety — while complaining that online is stealing their sales.

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