A Little Memo To Samsung

Samsung’s marketing splurge doesn’t always bring bang-for-buck

Samsung’s latest marketing splash has been on its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which has been almost universally panned by reviewers. The device has been aggressively marketed through adverts and collaboration with fashion shows – yet only 800,000 Gears have been shipped since its launch two months ago.


“Probably Samsung knows better than anyone that Gear will not become a mainstream product. Still, they are trying to convey the message that ‘we are first with such technology,’ which they hope will help build their brand as an advanced technology firm,” said Interbrand’s Moon.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

People don’t give a damn about which company does something first.

People spend money on the company that does it best.



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2 responses to “A Little Memo To Samsung

  1. TheForbiddenFruit

    On the contrary if this is Apple who released a lousy smartwatch it’ll be a completely different story. Overnight camp-over queues, glorification, worshiping the lord almighty Apple logo etc.

    It’s called brainwash, “zombification”, perception bias.

    IMO even if Apple releases a dog turd, the zombies will queue up & spend spend spend like there’s no tomorrow. So I disagree with your “People spend money on the company that does it best” comment.

    • mikecane

      When has Apple released a dog turd since the iPhone? And if you think the iPhone was a turd, why did Samsung so copy it that they had to be brought before a court for infringement?

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